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September 01, 2012 / 1 ♥ / Comments

I’ve never been that close to you ever since that night.

I waited for five minutes for you to pick me up outside our house. We were never close enough that I didn’t even knew what car I was waiting for. From afar, I kept on looking forward to every headlights I see approaching, thinking it was you. Then there came a rushing black SUV that passed by our house and took a maneuver in the next street. And yes, it was you. Even though it was raining, you stepped out of your car, and opened the car door for me. And damn, you got me at that gesture, gentleman.

I was surprised when I found out that it was only the two of us that would go venture the night. It was the first time for us to be together alone. I was nervous, yet enticed.

The road is so dark, wet, and misty at the same time. And no wonders because it was already past midnight and the rain was pouring extremely hard, similar to me who was also starting to fall hard to the very visible and non visible parts of the earth embraced with such beauty and grace all over it. I could forever picture you driving, which I saw with the use of my peripheral vision. You were so majestic - from you wearing your glasses so that you could see the road properly up to holding the steering wheel and changing gears. I could forever sit in your passenger seat - listening to your music, having these happy conversations and debates, wearing my seat belts, and staying awake to guide you with the road.

I’ve never felt so safe ever since my past passed.

I cannot bottle up these feelings inside the mildly unequipped body of mine anymore, even though I only consider them as minute and nothing serious but either way or so, affecting. I really really crush you. And I love having this superficial feelings for you. And the good thing is, you’ll never ever know because you don’t have to.

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And so I guess it’s about time for me to consider that today has been the loneliest day of my life so far. And it’s the happy kind of sadness cos it clearly shows that I ain’t a robot-hearted girl. Like hey I may look oh so tough and carefree all the time but I also have these things you call feelings. These feelings, they have been telling me to let them out already because my feelings container is about to burst out. And it may hurt a lot if that happens since glass pieces would be everywhere and I might be in contact with them unknowingly. Nothing hurts more than being cut by a glass piece from a broken fragile jar, which is, at the same time, a part of you.

And so I am currently playing the playlist that we used to listen to the last time we were together while I type these words into the iPod.

We were on the bed, side by side, sharing the earphones with the other end on your right ear and the other one on my left. Actually, it was a playlist meant to be heard by my ears only, it was my playlist. I know you didn’t want to listen to it in the first place since you were just playing your character on NBA 2k12, and you were babbling me things about it like you already got your customized basketball shoes care of Michael Jordan, and other things which I only heard as blah blah blah. I don’t want to listen to your stories anymore, I had enough basketball conversations in my life. And so there I was, about to sleep into my playlist when you decided to turn off your Playstation and lay next to me. I was humming to Maroon 5’s Beautiful Goodbye because that song reminds me of the guy that I like who’s unfortunately in my opinion, out of my league, even though he texts me most of the time, I think because he’s somewhat already taken by someone else. You asked me what am I singing. Singing is different from humming yknow, you should take note of that. And so I unconsciously let you listen to my songs. It was a major glitz for me since I don’t usually share music. Now it’s like my musical world has been devirginized by you!

How selfish can you get? And how masochistic can I be? I hate it when I share the things that I like simply because I am always afraid that by the time I showed it to other people, they would like it, too, and eventually, they would try to take them away from me. And since I don’t usually give a fuck, I let them have it with the thinking that they’re feasting on that thing I now consider old, slimy, and trashy. That certain fact gives me the consolation that I need, most of the time.

But to tell you honestly, I love the feeling when we were on your bed, listening to my mixtape. I love the feeling, and only the feeling that was brought up in that moment. I love the feeling when two individuals sleep together so closely, when in reality, they were never close. Well, maybe, one time, before, but not anymore.

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June 06, 2012 / 1 ♥ / Comments

Do you know the feeling when you are not yet ready for any changes in your life? Like, yes, you know that change is the only inevitable thing in this world but even when you’re informed that someday things wouldn’t be the same as before, you still get sad and hope it wouldn’t come any time soon. Although through out your entire life you were conversant with this fact.

It sucks.

It sucks that when you’re contented with the way things are, it is when they take it away from you. It’s like you’re being punk’d or something. Sometimes, I do think that the world is playing mind games on me. I never liked change cos it takes so much time for me to get used to it.

This is what I feel right now, cos my classes this semester start at 7o’clock in the morning and my body is not used to it.

It really, really sucks that I get too sensitive about it. I cry.

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May 27, 2012 / 1 ♥ / Comments

Okay so I was really drunk the other night
I can’t remember a thing except the fact that you scolded me because I was acting like a crazy kid

And since that night, I knew that you wouldn’t talk to me
It’s already been given

From the rest of our night until 2am, I never heard a single word from you
Except when I borrowed your lighter when I am about to lit a cigarette

But I was surprised when you went to me and cursed me while admitting that you missed me so bad
Of course, I cursed back at you

I don’t get it but every time we start to talk to each other
Everything just goes back to the way it was
And it’s a bad thing since we should not be okay
We’re both ruined

When we’re about to drive out
You let me sit on the passenger’s seat
I considered it my throne, before

You held my hand while driving
Which I hated, ‘cos it’s your style to make girls fall in love with you
And I ain’t gonna fall on that trap anymore
Only giddy and kinky teenagers fall for that dude
So I insisted that I’d be the one who’s going to drive
And to my surprise, you let me

I really love driving your car
That’s it

The sun is about to shine already and we’re still drinking one on one
We just sat there by the terrace, Indian style
I really love it every time we catch the sun rising
I believe that it’s the most beautiful part of the day
And I hate that people usually miss it out

You told me that you already love her, but you love me more
I never believed you, and you said..
“That’s why I never confessed my feelings for you, it’s because you always doubt me!”

I got hungry therefore I went to the kitchen and cooked some eggs
Then you asked me, “You cooked this?
I said yes.
And I completely saw your eyes with a proud expression
I know that you know that I can’t cook well
When it comes between the two of us, you’re always the one who cooks

And that was one of the reasons why I liked you
You ended the patriarchal paradigm because you’re the one who makes me a sandwich

We’re so fucked up, baby
Let’s just rest and let’s stop giving a damn about our feelings
We got forever

Let time find us
In this world full of loveless soul

For the meantime, let’s get drunk

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May 27, 2012 / Comments

Heyow so this is me around 6am practicing the art of not sleeping and still drinking, as I’ve said on Twitter. I don’t know why but I love my face when I’m all intoxicated and sleepless, maybe because I love it when I feel the morning dew through my skin. I and all my other friends went for an overnight swim just across the block and it is kinda ironic that I always go out for a so called outing that involves swimming where in the first place, I do not know how to swim. But I guess life’s usually like that, isn’t it? You sometimes do or go to some place just because you want to. You go there oftentimes due to some undefined strong desire without even knowing whether if you’re going to benefit or not.

So as I was saying, we just went there because we felt that we had the need to do so like it was some sort of an obligation that requires strict compliance. And it was perfect since I’ll be going back to the city in a week. Just so you know, I barely stay in our house. I am always out with friends. You can only spot me in our house when 1.) I’m sleeping 2.) I’m eating 3.) I’m charging my phone. And my parents are completely being pissed about it but I explained my reason to them anyways, so we’re cool.

Did I mentioned that we stayed at Patrick’s house and it was 3am when we crashed there. I was about to sleep by 7am when this little kiddo suddenly woke up and asked if I could play with her since she missed me. I really wanna tell her, "Stop it baby, I don’t want to revive our emotional attachment since I and your Kuya Pat aren’t really attached anymore. It’s going to be hard for the both of us if we keep on doing this kind of sister bonding.", But of course I don’t want to break a kid’s heart and she’s too young to learn about the tragedy of life itself so I just said, “Alright baby!”. I must admit that I really missed her, too. She’s very sweet to me cos she kept on kissing me and hugging me and telling that she loves me. Therefore, I never had the chance to sleep.

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May 24, 2012 / 4 ♥ / Comments

I love nights like this when I got nothing to do, and my friends got nothing to do. Then we all end up doing nothing, together. Everything is nice when you are with your friends even if it is the most miserable moment you could ever imagine like having a break-up, failing a subject, getting caught by the police, or even worse, getting chased by ferocious dogs. I don’t know why but every time I’m with them, when we’re simply sitting on the swing in the middle of the night and talk about how pointless life is, all things just instantly fall into place and I could superficially say that I can go like this forever. I love nights when we talk about our dreams and how they won’t ever come true because we are altogether lazy, so we end up with dreams alone.

Having friends makes my life easier and less sadder but even more crazier. Friendship freezes misspoken or misinterpreted words. It is the wild laughing of the swishing stream. They smell like the scented papers that you used to write letters for your first love, very homey and comfortable that you can smell them all day until the scent lasts, but it won’t. They give me the feeling that if polygamy and same sex marriage is possible, we’d marry each other because we would make a one hell of a family.

They remind me that I am young and everything could be weed out of confusion. I don’t need a man, I still got forever. Or if all else fails, yes, I will marry them all and I won’t care if I’d get sued.

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May 18, 2012 / Comments

It makes me giddy when we talk about our future while in reality, the present is too fucked up.

I think it’s just the aroma of the fruit flavored German liquor that we drank last night. Though, it helped quite a lot. It’s easier to say things you won’t honestly admit because of the pride circulating inside you when you are sober. Every thing was so light and slow, as if we got the whole world to ourselves. As we lay there on the ground, intoxicated and sleepy, our mouth didn’t mind and still continued to talk about how ridiculous and miserable our lives are. You were telling your lies, and I was loving it but not falling for it. We were there again, cos it’s simply a hard habit to break like drinking and smoking cigs. I hope I made it clear that it is over. What we had is irreplaceable, but it doesn’t mean that it would last. The worst thing you can do is rest all your hopes on a wish. A granted wish doesn’t equal a perfect life.

What was the point of love if it didn’t keep people from leaving you?

Another round again? I miss my best friend.

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Lessons on love

April 06, 2012 / 6 ♥ / Comments

I am and never will be an expert in relationships, holding the fact that I am not a fan of it itself. Yknow, I may not be in one right now but I am surrounded by it. I still know what it means to be in a relationship, and to some extent, I even learn certain things out of it which I would like to share to you guys.

1. Avoid taking the other for granted.

Believe it or not, there would be some point in your relationship wherein you could actually tell who’s loving more and loving less. Though it’s not important to measure who loves most (yes, it is an absurd thing to do since it would lead you nowhere but arguing). The thing is, if you know your partner can’t stand the chance of staying mad at you, appreciate it rather than pushing things to their limit. For instances, avoid doing things that would make him/her mad even if you know s/he would let it get away.

2. Don’t count the wrong doings.

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Eventually, you will hurt each other in the process. One may commit fault every now and then. Remind yourself that we are just human beings capable of causing disappointments to the other. It is quite similar to measuring love; you shouldn’t measure the shortcomings. When you’re in a fight because of your fault, don’t include in your argument the things that were done in the past. Avoid the line, 'e bakit ikaw'? I think your boyfriend or girlfriend had already paid the consequences of his/her wrong doings a long time ago therefore it shouldn’t be brought up once more during every fights. Also, taking note to those things might not help your partner to change for the good simply because s/he would feel degraded every time you bring his downfalls up.

….other lessons are to be continued in another text post. There are eleven in total. :)

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