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Honestly, I consider this week as one of the stressful weeks this semester by far. Yeah classes were suspended two times this week but in our case, we only had one suspension since the Wednesday suspension of Mayor Lim didn’t affect any of our classes. Actually, suspensions are great but the sad thing about it is that our professor’s time table for lessons would be ruined thus resulting to make-up classes, self-study, and such in order for us to catch up the missed lessons.

Last night, I pulled an all-nighter hoping that I could finish a terminal report for one of our major subjects. But my mind was not functioning well at all. When the sky had lighten up, I decided to continue my work in Mcdonald’s, plus for breakfast na rin. My mind was so sabaw already that I had been having those typographical errors. I even had to cut my first subject just to finish everything. And I did. I made it on time.

And here comes the soul redeemer!

I brought my laptop to class and I was checking out on the individual photos of our group which was needed for the report when Ferdi noticed that PJ’s photo has a potential to be used in such greater means. He asked me if I could cut out the background and leave PJ’s face alone. I immediately did it and even replaced the background color to yellow. Then we were now making fun of the edited picture since it looked like he was running for elections! And we decided to make it a campaign flyer all the way. I put on the logo of UST, AB, and LM. And Mars thought of a great tag line which was, “Andito ang trabaho, kaya andito si Montejo”. We even printed it out (take note - glossy paper!) and made copies!

Since PJ was out buying for some snacks, we decided to pull off a prank on him. We asked all our blockmates to stand and clap by the time PJ goes inside our classroom.

When he PJ got into the room, every thing happened according to plan. We even had this little election campaign with Ferdi giving out flyers to people and everything. PJ was speechless and very confused, man, his reaction was really priceless! Hahaha, it was a good prank, actually. It was fun!

Our class ended by 11am and we had a plan that we would go to have a lunch buffet at Yakimix Trinoma when we realized that we didn’t have that enough money. We still pushed through going to North because we decided to go bowling instead. When we arrived at The Annex, we were informed that we cannot play bowling until after 4:30pm because there’d be a tournament going on. Apparently, we cannot stay there and wait until 4:30pm since we have a make-up class by 6pm. We ended up having some booze instead!

Hallo Alec! :)

Hallo Robby and money! :)

{varsity jacket from my sister’s boyfriend (pa-borrow lang hehee), V-neck pink muscle shirt from Bench, dark blue maong pants (not seen) from Folded and Hung, grey flats from mom, edged skull necklace from Greenhills}

We went back to UST with still a lot of time to spare before our make-up class. My initial idea about the make-up class was that I hate it. We were supposed to have a make-up class on Law but Attorney Soriano cancelled it because he was going to have a class for another section. I was really happy upon receiving that news, when another new came in. Our professor on NS101 was going to conduct a make-up class for us instead.

In case you don’t know, I don’t like science at all even when I was in high school (excluding Physics ‘cos it contains some computing and I love Math). We came to the assigned room sober. The make-up class turned out to be exciting and interesting. I was really happy ‘cos I learned a lot, which is pretty unusual! :-)

I positively loved this day! TGIF!

Fun fun Fridays

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Warning: Heavy photo post

Apparently, the annual Cinemalaya film fest started out on Saturday. And on Monday, the 23rd of June, when classes were suspended due to the inclement weather (they say), I was already craving to watch the film entries since it was only on Monday when I came back to Manila. But school works get in the way. However, awhile ago, Ferdi and I decided to go to CCP, tagging along PJ and Tiff. And it turned out to be great! :-)

We only got to watch some random short films because the tickets to the film entries at that moment were all sold out. :-( We were able to view “Bonsai”, “Anino”, “Trip”, and “Kidlat”. They were all unique in their own ways, so we’re satisfied naman. Especially to “Bonsai” because the story line was really amazing. Word.

Though I really want to watch all the other entries as well. :-(

After watching, we headed out to Harbour Square for a late lunch cos we went straight to CCP right after our 7am-11am class thus preventing us from eating lunch on time.


One of the cutie couples I know! <3

After eating, we got crazy and decided to go to Star City. Hahaaaa. It’s really nostalgic for me because the last time I went there was high school… with Patrick and John. Remember? The night before we go there, Patrick and I were strolling within our town. We had nothing to do, we’re just driving with nowhere to go when I started to babble, “Gusto ko pumuntang Star City”. So yeah, end of reminiscing.

Back to the present.

We spent most of our time there riding bump cars. And we played Laser Tag! We didn’t had any decent photos of ourselves but we really had fun! So much for an unplanned day, right? Plus, it would be memorable since we did a lot of firsts. Like, it was the first time that Ferdi went to Star City. It’s my first time to play Laser Tag. And also, on our way back to UST, it was the first time that Tiff got the chance to ride a bus.

How about you, when was the last time you did something for the first time? :-)


Instant plugging!

Please watch the showing of ANI Shorts tomorrow at CCP Dream Theather, 10am. Support the film from UP VISCOM entitled Circo. My dearest friend, Ferdi, stars in it! :-)

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Warning: Heavy photo post

1. Sleepover at a friend’s condow

The best nights are always unplanned, they say. And I second the motion. That sleepover was a good one and my favorite part was the 18” pizza! This was also the night when Patrick and friends drove their way to Manila 2am in the morning just to see me, but due to my girly hormones, I didn’t show up but I was able to see them through the window! Heheee.

2. The UST-Legal Management General Assembly

This was my first time to attend our GA, and I even arrived late. I wasn’t able to go last year’s GA because as my memory serves me right, I chose to be with my ex-boyfriend (who was still my boyfriend back then, of course). I didn’t knew GA’s could be fun. Next time, I swear I’ll arrive on time so I won’t miss out the games and others. :)

3. Meanne’s 18th birthday

(Credits to the photographer)

Hehehehe, I’m so disappointed to say that I also arrived late on this event. It was a Saturday and I came straight from Manila. I was waiting for JP to pick me up but he’s too lazy as well to get his ass moving early. My friends were already calling me  when the program started. That is the time when I only started rushing off to the venue. And yes, I made it.

I guess it’s always my principle to be fashionably late! That’s what I learned on watching As Told by Ginger.

4. Opening of my gifts! <3

I only got the chance to open my birthday gifts a week after my birthday party. I haven’t done that for a while so I was really happy and giddy. Most of the gifts I received were beauty essentials huhu which is implying that I should really start making effort on fixing myself and present people that I am now a lady. I’ll try my best, really. Some of the gifts were clothes, bags, books, and pillows. I’d like to thank everyone!

5. Consumerism

I keep on buying and buying new things every week that aren’t really that essential. Like this shoe that I got from So Fab!, I know that I don’t need this but I still bought it because it was on sale. Hay. Being an aggressive buyer always end me up financially unstable. But I am still surprised that I am still able to survive every week even if I go out shopping. It’s not that I have a huge weekly allowance, but I guess I am now learning a good thing about budgeting, you say?

6. Tardiness record :-(

I am so not liking this thing at all! Even though two months had already passed since the opening of classes, I am sad to say that I still haven’t adjusted with my schedule. It’s really hard to wake up early every morning especially if you are not a morning person! I always have adjustment issues cos I’m still attached to my past afternoon schedule last year. So I made this record so that I could keep track on my tardiness. But let me tell you, this photo was taken a week ago and I don’t want you to see what’s the status of that list now. I am already on the edge of my doom. I need to change my lifestyle.


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I’ve been receiving asks about my debut. Sorry for the delay but here you go. Planning the party was way too stressful not to be blogged about. I half of my nights doing my invitation, my photo booth template design, and etc and the other half for my acads, of course. And I’m so glad to say that the party was a success, thanks to the people behind it - my parents, relatives, and other friends. Without their effort, my party would be such a loser.

To tell you frankly, this was the first time to have an event centered on me. I never knew that it would be really stressful in a way that everyone’s there because of you. During regular parties, I am always the one who took photos and just sit there in place and drink. But that night, I was the one who’s everybody’s looking for. I’m not used being the center of attraction, really just not. There were a few awkward and embarrassing moments that occurred when I was entertaining my guest, but the most bashful moment of all was when one visitor greeted me “Happy birthday!”, and I unconsciously replied, “Thank you po, Happy Birthday also!” with dashing smiles and everything. Then I paused and rethought what I said, and I was like, “Damn, Eiei… who says that!!!!” I was completely taken aback! I just gathered myself together acting like nothing ever happened. Grabe.

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Bitch we have our own movie house for crying out loud

Haha, so Ferdi and I watched a movie on a Sunday afternoon and this is what we got so we ended up sleeping. And it was a fine fine day.

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Heyow so this is me around 6am practicing the art of not sleeping and still drinking, as I’ve said on Twitter. I don’t know why but I love my face when I’m all intoxicated and sleepless, maybe because I love it when I feel the morning dew through my skin. I and all my other friends went for an overnight swim just across the block and it is kinda ironic that I always go out for a so called outing that involves swimming where in the first place, I do not know how to swim. But I guess life’s usually like that, isn’t it? You sometimes do or go to some place just because you want to. You go there oftentimes due to some undefined strong desire without even knowing whether if you’re going to benefit or not.

So as I was saying, we just went there because we felt that we had the need to do so like it was some sort of an obligation that requires strict compliance. And it was perfect since I’ll be going back to the city in a week. Just so you know, I barely stay in our house. I am always out with friends. You can only spot me in our house when 1.) I’m sleeping 2.) I’m eating 3.) I’m charging my phone. And my parents are completely being pissed about it but I explained my reason to them anyways, so we’re cool.

Did I mentioned that we stayed at Patrick’s house and it was 3am when we crashed there. I was about to sleep by 7am when this little kiddo suddenly woke up and asked if I could play with her since she missed me. I really wanna tell her, "Stop it baby, I don’t want to revive our emotional attachment since I and your Kuya Pat aren’t really attached anymore. It’s going to be hard for the both of us if we keep on doing this kind of sister bonding.", But of course I don’t want to break a kid’s heart and she’s too young to learn about the tragedy of life itself so I just said, “Alright baby!”. I must admit that I really missed her, too. She’s very sweet to me cos she kept on kissing me and hugging me and telling that she loves me. Therefore, I never had the chance to sleep.

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Warning: Heavy photo post ahead

Our federation had our very first out of town seminar. However, the venue was still within our region which is at Lucban, Quezon. It was supposed to be in Palawan but the DILG blah blah blah. The seminar turned out to be successful anyways. It occurred on April 9-11 I am aware that this post is out of date already.

Day 1

We arrived at the hotel pretty early than expected so we had the chance to roam around and explore all its amenities.

We discovered there was a basketball court within the area. Definitely, the boys dug in for some shooting. We met a group of guys playing and had a game against them. The boys were only on a casual attire, but they didn’t mind. They played with maong pants and tight shoes which gave them water blisters after the game. Good side is, they won after two separate games.

By 2am, we already had our lunch and started the seminar proper that lasted until 6pm. By night, we were all in our respected rooms and we were allowed to do anything we want as long as we’re within the place.

I spent almost the rest of my night in the boys’ room. It’s not that I don’t want to hang out the girls but all of my closest friends in the federation are boys. I am somewhat related with almost all of the guys (eg. Pat is my you know what he is, Sam is one of my closest friends, there’s my old schoolmates, etc). I think it’s just a co-incidence.

Day 2

Our team building is the agenda of our day two in the hotel. There’s an adventure camp site and we had our activities there. We were divided into two groups.

Our first activity was called the Spider-web (if my memory serves me right). I had this game before at our YCTP (Youth Camp Training Program) for YFC a year ago. The aim of this game is to have all the members of the group pass to the other side of the web without touching the web itself.

Our second activity was called the Unity walk. The photo explains everything.

The next one is we were given 20 minutes to build a six-story building out of the blocks. In order to win this game, one must have steady hands, of course. 

We also played the so-called Atomic Bomb wherein we are expected to transfer the eggs from the other can to the other can. No member is allowed to talk except for the leader who would be giving instructions of who will pull, and such.

Our last activity for the first half of the team building was called the… I forgot what they called it. But it’s just like playing volleyball only with the ball being a large one and we have a net for each teams that would be used for catching and throwing the ball to the opponent side.

After the lunch break we proceed to the remaining items in our itinerary which are rappelling, zipline, and rock climbing (I won’t emphasize it with photos anymore since you all know what they are all about).

Finally, the last activity was taken place by the pool.

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So my friend, JP, needed someone to help him with his project requirement for one of his subjects. Yes, he’s still doing school stuff since he’s studying in Benilde. His project included filming and such, so I volunteered (I don’t know why but since I read and watched The Hunger Games, the term ‘volunteer’ ends me up picturing Katniss). However, when JP said that our call time would be 7am, I kinda had second thoughts. Then I remembered that I needed to start changing my body clock since our schedule next semester includes 7am classes from Monday to Friday. I did my best and I woke up 9am. Luckily, JP was still home. He picked me up along with Gjo.

We first headed to the Emerald which is a Memorial Park.


This was Pat’s family’s museleo. I just took a photo of it since it was the only building standing there and I found it cute. The clouds over that area was dark, though it was still pretty hot. And as embarrassing as it may be, I am honestly saying that we haven’t had a bath yet.. so it was two times hotter.

We roamed around Tagaytay. And to tell you frankly, it’s been years since I viewed Tagaytay’s beauty during the morning.


I never noticed that this building is about to be finished which made me realized that I really missed home.



^ Casino Filipino Tagaytay

We decided to go swimming by the time we went to Jae’s. Everything was ready except for the resort. Every resort that we checked out were all full. Therefore, we just wasted gas. We went back to JP’s house and ate some kwek kweks and fishballs.



We were sorting out the green M&M’s from the other colors. (Read this to make things clearer haha)


My hair is so messed up, and my eye bags… Pardon them.


Hi JP, Jae, and Gjo.

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