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Dorm 101

September 12, 2012 / 5 ♥ / Comments

One of the challenges of living away from your parents and staying in a dormitory is all about having what to eat, every single day. At first, you get too excited and food isn’t much of a problem but as days would pass by, you’ll start to get irritated eating the same food every day and you’ll miss home-made meals. You don’t want to always eat at Mcdonald’s or any other fast food restaurants so you should have a stash of your own food; it also lessens your expenses. 

So I’ve got a lot of canned goods such as the never ending vienna sausage, tuna, corned beef, luncheon meet, etc. I got hot chocos, milk tea, and coffee. I got apples and an orange. I also got Sky Flakes and it is what I always bring in school. I never realized how these crackers can actually ease hunger since we don’t have any breaks. I got chocolates, cookies, and Chuckie! I also got some breads :)

I have a lot of sandwich spreads, and I love em all :)) If all else fails, you would eventually find some carinderyas and such where you could eat in very low price.

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April 02, 2012 / 3 ♥ / Comments

The perfect breakfast.

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He knows my weakness

April 02, 2012 / 3 ♥ / Comments

It was already 6pm and I just finished cooking early dinner when I received a text message from Beads.

B: Punta ka dito. Dito ka na kumain.

E: Wrong timing ka naman e. I just finished cooking.

B: Dali, Crispy Pata.

E: Pucha kbye, otw there.

I couldn’t take any decent photo of beads since he’s always moving, and he has a hangover. He hasn’t even took a bath yet so he was only wearing a cycling which I find very funny because he looked like a sushi.

We dug out some movies afterward and watched them the whole night.

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March 01, 2012 / Comments

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Hooray for Today

January 13, 2012 / Comments

It is quite new for me to wake up hours before my expected class. Last year, I always wake up 45 minutes before my class, it’s just an enough time for taking a bath and fixing up and also walking towards our building. With that way, I would always skipped breakfast. But due to my inadequate time for studying, I tend to wake up earlier nowadays, which makes me hungry for breakfast. It’s a sad thing that we do not have a kitchen here in our dormitory. All we have is an oven toaster and a rice cooker. We do not even own a mini ref. So I and my dormmates would oftentimes succumbed into never ending canned and instant foods. The nearest food chains in our dorm are Jolibee, Mcdo, and Yellowcab. It’s either those uncooked foods or fast foods during lazy days.

I think it’s almost months since the nearest McDonald’s was demolished and went into the process of renovation. The next nearest Mcdo now is the one at the carpark, but I find it too far. But lo and behold, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

It’s been weeks ever since I craved for a McChicken fillet. During times like this, it’s the perfect meal. I always go to Mcdonalds even if I am home but I do not find myself in the mood to order a chicken fillet. So my cravings was definitely specific. I was craving for a McChicken Fillet in Manila.

While I was on the way to the carpark, a Mcdo lady over the gate gave me these. Yes, it is the annual discount coupons of Mcdo in Ang Paos. I have these every year. I remembered myself when I was still in elementary, we used to play with these. Mcdonalds is definitely one of my classic favorites. It’s applicable for everyone – family, friends, special someones.

And after I had made my order, the cashier gave me this. It’s like a card, and everytime you buy those breakfast meals, the cards gets to have a stamp. By the time you get all the stamps complete, you will have your sticky notes. I love sticky notes, and I said to myself that I will get those. But when I saw the deadline for the promo, it is until January 14, 2012 which is tomorrow. I do not think I would still be able to complete it.

On the other hand, their ‘Hooray for today’ slogan is really great. When I was reading that line in my mind, I can’t help to say it with the tone like in their commercials. Oh, yes. It is one of the things that I like in Mcdo, their commercials. It’s really cute and purdy and cute! Paparapapa, love ko ‘to.

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Soothing as it should be

October 09, 2011 / 11 ♥ / Comments

This thing between me and Starbucks, specifically the one in Magallanes Square at Tagaytay, is really inseparable. All I could find is this homey feeling and nothing less. It’s really different among the other branches. And it’s nice to see the place renovate itself, making the ambiance greater.

Oh, yeah. Say hello to Sam.

And also to the most important thing in the world besides air..


All hail Belgian waffle! I mean, if the universe had only given me the chance to choose what pastry would be left for me to eat in my whole existence, I’d choose waffles!

Also say hi to this beetle! He’s such a cutie.

I just missed Tagaytay. I have a whole month to savor every part of it.

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